Lancaster Irish American Cultural Society.

Welcome to LIACS
Officially established in 2008, our organization was created with the vision of celebrating and sharing the history and culture of Ireland, from its ancient past to its contemporary present. Most, but not all, of our members have some Irish roots. We welcome all people, as there are few corners of the world the Irish have not in some way touched. Our organization has no religious nor political bias. We do endeavor to contribute to our community through designated charitable organizations.
Most of all, we are friends who care about each other and we have managed to have a lot of fun together since March 2008.

Help Wanted: A sign of the times during these post-Covid days. We find the Lancaster Irish American Cultural Society is no different. The term of office for our current officers expires later this summer. Positions open for election, include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. I am personally asking you to consider running for one of the leadership roles. Please think about, “What can I do to contribute to our group which I care about?”

Some suggestions I have are: Follow the LIACS website, you will be informed. Support our group by maintaining your membership for $15 a year. Attend our quarterly meetings, know our agenda items, and follow minutes as they are posted. Read about events in our newsletter LIACS LINK and thanks to Bill, through our email connections. Feel free to reach out to current officers Peggy, Gabrielle, Mary, or myself for information. We are pleased with what LIACS has accomplished over the past year. With your involvement, next year will be our best year yet.
Thanks, Mike Schreiner

Cost of our membership is a mere $15.00 per individual per year.

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LIACS was one of the organizing communities in attendance at the inaugural One World Festival at F&M College’s Alumni Sports and Fitness Center on Sunday, September 11.

Our own Tom Daniels wrote the lyrics for the One World song, that was premiered at the festival, and our own Gabrielle Hackman was the Chair and driving force behind the festival’s recipe book, available for purchase at the festival.

Pictured at the Festival: LIACS Officers 2022 (left to right) Mary Schreiner - Treasurer, Gabrielle Hackman - Secretary, Peggy Malloy- President, Mike Schreiner - Vice-President